Arsenio’s ESL Podcast: Season 3 – Episode 42 – Speaking – Agreeing/Disagreeing (Intermediate)

Welcome back to another episode and welcome back to my first played audio in a WHILE! The last time I did this, it was in season 1. So, with that being said, we’re going to be talking about famous cities and discussing whether or not they are good vacation destinations.

Vocabulary Words

  • Air quality
  • Cost of living
  • Crime rate
  • Things to see and do
  • Value for money
  • Weather

Agreeing and Disagreeing

When discussing ideas in seminars, normally you have to use formal language. Here are some phrases in terms of agreeing.

Formal: I agree. I like that idea. You have a point.

Informal: That’s what I think. That’s a great idea.

The key to disagreeing is to be polite. You can do this by using a nice tone or adding words to make your statements sound better.

I disagree.

I’m sorry, but I disagree.

That’s not always true (not one of my favorites and can produce an argument).

I don’t think that’s always true.

I’m not sure about that.

Listening exercise

Listen to the students discussing vacation destination and complete the chart down below.

Viktor Jung-Su


Points mentioned



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