Arsenio’s ESL Podcast: Season 3 – Episode 40 – Grammar – Present Conditionals (Intermediate)

Welcome back! I’m bringing back a more intermediate form of conditionals today, but this is essentially a review for the majority of you out there who haven’t found this podcast on my spotify.

In conditional sentences, like I said a long time ago, one action relies on another. Study the forms: use the present real conditional to talk about possibilities in the future that are real and likely.

If + simple present, will + base verb == If you talk to someone about peer

pressure, you will feel better.

Use the present unreal conditional to talk about possibilities in the future that are unreal and unlikely. You are imagining what you’d do if the condition were to happen, even though it’s unlikely to.

Skillful Intermediate

If + simple past, would + base verb == If I told my parents about a problem,

they would support me.

Questions and sentences can begin with either the condition (the if clause) or the main clause. Notice the contractions of will (‘ll) and would (‘d) after pronouns.


A. If it’s rainy tomorrow, what will they do?

B. They’ll stay at home if it’s rainy tomorrow.

A. What would you do if you felt an earthquake?

B. If I felt an earthquake, I’d get under a desk.

Write present real conditionals….

  1. you be amazed / you see the San Andreas fault from the air.
  2. pressure build up / one tectonic plate push again another.
  3. climate change is likely / the warming of the planet is at an all-time high.
  4. an underwater volcano erupt / a tsunami occur.

2. Complete these present unreal conditional sentences with your own ideas.

a. If my mother pressured me to do something I didn’t want to do, I ____________________.

b. If my friends suddenly stopped talking to me, I ________________________.

c. I wouldn’t go to school if ________________________.

d. If schools educated people about real skills, ______________________. 

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