How to Become a Good Conversationalist: Part III – The Brazilian Model

So, this is an episode on how to increase your conversation capabilities.  Most of you don’t know how to converse, initiate, or to just be someone’s friend.  I’ve become a master at it, and this is how I’m going to show you how you can get better.

Again, this is with no pun intended.  This is simply just showing how far I’ve come in terms of being an excellent listener, as Dale Carnegie would coin the phrase.

So, currently I’m sitting at a place where there are loads of people waiting to collect their passports/visas to head back over the Thai border.  Just a day before, I was standing in a long line, waiting anxiously for the doors to this place called the Thai Consular to open.  Smoke filled the air of burning cigarettes and people, of all nationalities, flooded the grounds of the embassy.

In the specific area where I was standing, there was a girl that was getting a ridiculous amount of attention from men in the area.  Glances, small-talk under their breath, and their eagerness to want to initiate a conversation with her.  A conversation between her and another guy from Israel was first initiated.  He asked her, “where are you from?” She said “Brazil.”

My ESL podcast, which has been doing an amazing job, has a “top chart” list — Brazil being the top 5, consistently, on a monthly basis.  Cities such as Belo Horizonte, Salvador Bahia, and others were memorized without any intention.


Because she’s from Brazil, I can instantly make her talk about these two places.  Remember, being a great conversationalist revolves around you shutting up and hearing the other individual speak.

To kill my boredom, I initiated.

“Excuse me, I have plans on going to Brazil next year.  I overheard that you’re from Sao Paolo and I was wondering where I can go to see beautiful nature?”

Her eyes glistened with intrigue.  She told me a few places (the initiation and making her talk) and then she asked me “how did I know all of these places?”

“Well, I have an ESL podcast and I’ve had it since April.  These two places have always been the top charts, so I was compelled to ask.”

Showing Interest

Because I’m interested in her country, anyone and everyone would love to open up and talk about their native country, right? It’s all about you asking the follow-up questions and digging deeper into one’s culture.

After talking about favorite places, occupations and other things, she asked for my details.  Just before that, she told me and the other guy, who has just come over to sit next to me while we wait for our passports, that she’s a model.

Things That You Shouldn’t Do

I’m living proof that regardless of how someone looks, things can be done and initiated very easily.  Regardless if the friendship never blossoms, it doesn’t matter what anyone looks like.  It’s all about showing general interest, without any sexual intent, towards the other individual and establish the close listening needed to carry a conversation and develop what could be a lifelong companionship.


Listen to “How to Become a Good Conversationalist: Part III – The Brazilian Model” on Spreaker.

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