Arsenio’s ESL Podcast: Season 3 – Episode 38 – Vocabulary – Prefixes with Food

Welcome back to another vocabulary building day, and in this episode and blog, it’s time to break down how to use prefixes with food.  Let’s hop to it!


1a Match these words with the definitions.

Overcooked – precooked – recooked – undercooked

  1. not cooked enough _______________.
  2. cooked again _____________.
  3. cooked before _______________.
  4. cooked too much _______________.

Matching prefixes to their meanings. 

  1. pre
  2. over
  3. mis
  4. inter
  5. dis
  6. co
  7. re
  8. under

a. again

b. not enough

c. the opposite

d. wrong, incorrect

e. before

f. too much

g. with, together

h. between

Complete the sentences by adding the correct prefix to the word after the space. 

  1. There are ___________national relations problems erupting all over the business world. 
  2. You have to ___________do first grade because your grades were terrible!
  3. Sorry, I _____________understood what you said.  
  4. There are lots of advantages and __________advantages with preserving the natural world. 
  5. America normally __________books flights — something which is a rarity in Asia. 
  6. My colleagues in the past completely __________estimated my potential.
  7. When you build a team, you need to ____________operate and work together to achieve the goal.

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