Interviewee #025 – Luke Burrows, Joint-Mentorship with Motivational Mentors is Back!

Welcome back to another podcast interviewee, and in this episode I’m bringing back my partner in crime.  Luke Burrows, the Co-Host of Motivation Mentors, is here to talk about the birth of the Grow2Gether Academy and the huge launch we have coming up in January. Tune in!

Luke Burrows is the founder of Grow2Gether a online personal growth community for millennials to help them stand, rise and grow together. Luke works with the young people of today to help them change the way they think to unlock their potential through coaching and mentoring”

Luke Burrows
Mindset Coach, Entrepreneur and Founder of Grow2Gether
P: 077855 63170
E:    W:


Show Notes

Things that were discussed. 


Things we discussed:

  • Grow2Gether Academy and why Luke has started it. 
  • The targets for the academy and the demographics.
  • What types of courses will be available on the Grow2Gether Academy. 
  • Beginners of personal development and what their recommendations would be. 
  • What additional perks are there in the academy.
  • Are the expectations high?
  • Will there be an app for Grow2GatherAcademy for iOS and Android?
  • More features which will become readily available on the Grow2Gather Academy.

Listen to “Interviewee #025 – Luke Burrows with The Grow2Gether Academy” on Spreaker.

Thank you for listening!


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