Arsenio’s ESL Podcast: Special – TOEIC – Review + Mini Test

Welcome back to another live coaching, everyone! I’m excited to bring you the follow up of last week’s video.  Today is the mini-test, which is compiled of 6 questions.  You will have to look at the questions first, but I do advise you to do them before I go over them.  Nonetheless, for people on my podcast (listening), they’re going to have to follow each question and each answer as I go.  So, I’ll repeat these questions out loud with the answers, and then I’ll go over the potential answers. I was thinking of doing 12 questions, but I think that would be far too much for my viewers out there. I, instead, decided to go with 6.

The Tei Kai region is famous for its towering mountains to the north, and its desert plains to the south.  Long known as a dry and barren region, it has undergone a transformation ___________(1) the last fifty years.

A. while

B. since

C. at

D. in

During this time, visitors ____________(2) a major change in the landscape.

A. will see

B. have seen

C. had seen

D. see

The constructions of the Wan Hei dam enabled engineers to channel the waters of the Gang River for agricultural purposes.  The result has been a narrow but expanding corridor of greenery spreading __________(3) the once barren land.  There has also been a subsequent rise in the population and wealth of the region.

A. through

B. out

C. between

D. without

A major goal in the coming year is to maximize the effectiveness of our recruiting decisions.  Managers should use the following guidelines _____________(4) they begin the recruitment process.

A. since

B. during

C. through

D. before

First, have a clear job description.  This should form a checklist of requirements needed by the people we wish to bring __________(5) the company.

A. for

B. at

C. into

D. with

Answers will be in the YouTube video down below.

Arsenio’s TOEIC Coaching – Episode 007

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YouTube video

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