Arsenio’s ESL Podcast: Special – IELTS – Urban Sprawl/Part I Speaking

Welcome back, everyone! We have IELTS back on the schedule today, and I’m super excited to bring you a variety of things today. Here we go! Here are some basic Part 1 questions.

  • Where do you live?
  • What is it like?
  • What do you like about the area you live in?



Diving Deeper – Urban Areas

  1. Look at the pictures of some of the urban cities around the world.  What do you see?
  2. What kind of setting would you like to live in?


Target Vocabulary: No privacy, overcrowded public transportation, pollution, noisy, workers are more inspired, better pay than rural areas, cost more, more opportunities, better communication, better relationships.


Which are advantages and disadvantages? Make a list!


Listening for reasons

  • The reason is that it’s simply too loud.
  • Condominiums are being built in bulk.  Because of this, more workers from country will come to the city, making it even more crowded on the train lines in the morning.
  • It was difficult to commute home since they closed off the roads and there isn’t viable transportation to my side of town.
  • My company decided to move to Bang Khae, Therefore, consequently, hence, thus, I had to resign because there isn’t adequate transportation in that area for another year.


What kind of opportunities are there in urban areas in your country? What do you prefer, living in the countryside or in the heart of the city?


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