Arsenio’s ESL Podcast: Special – TOEIC – Language Building – Understanding Prepositions

We’re back with some more coaching, everyone! Today we’re going to discuss some language building and understanding prepositions.

So, all of you probably already know how it works.  In the English language, we use a lot of prepositions to indicate time, location, movement/direction and place.

So, I decided to put a couple in the box down below for you guys to go over it and choose the best answers.  Here are the words that need to be put into the paragraph. In, on, at, for, since

Danny will be arriving on Wednesday the 28th of this month (1) _____________11:30am.  This will be his first visit here (2) _____________ this past June, so he’s seen our new facilities (3) ___________ more than 3 months.  We are going to show him the new production line, which opened (4) ______________ June, so we’ll take him there (5) ______________ the 29th.


  1. ________ is used for times of day.
  2. ________ is used for days and dates.
  3. ________ is used for months, years and seasons.
  4. ________ is used for periods of time.
  5. ________ is used to refer to a point in time in the past.


In: She’s in the bedroom.  She’s in the closet.  She works in the CBD.

On: They are on the table.  They are laying on the floor next to the TV. They are on the BTS Skytrain.

At: He is at the bank.  He is at work.  Meet me on/at southeast corner.

C. Choose the correct prepositions from the following words to complete the text down below: out of, along, through, around, to, into, across


I walk ___________ my house around 6am, get ________ the BTS skytrain station and walk _________ heavy crowds, which takes about 5 minutes.  After getting to Sala Daeng station, I walk ____________ a broken sidewalk and then _____________ the corner.  From there I can see the gym ___________ a beauty clinic.  So, I make a left and walk __________ the gym, up the stairs, and prepare myself for a monstrous workout.“>[buzzsprout episode=’869556′ player=’true’]

Arsenio’s ESL TOEIC- Episode 005

YouTube – Coming Soon


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