Arsenio’s ESL Podcast: Special – TOEIC – Be Aware of Comparative & Superlative Forms

We’re back again with the Facebook live!  For those of you who have tuned in last weekend, here’s the podcast and video form of what I’ve talked about.  Also, I now have the transcription available, so for those of you who want rough shownotes of what I talk about, hit the link and read everything I say!

Source: Tactics for TOEIC

Let’s first look at some examples of common comparative and superlative forms.

  • as high as the market will support.
  • more difficult than we first expected.
  • faster than the competition.
  • the cheapest product.
  • his/their/my greatest problem.
  • the most important thing.

Given the examples above, use them to complete the following sentences.

  1. The ____________(good/better/best) thing they have is the food.
  2. This system uses the ___________(advanced/more advanced/ most advanced) technology on the market.
  3. This department may not be as __________(big/bigger/biggest) as some of the others, but its budget is much ___________(large/larger/largest).
  4. They are our ____________ (important/more important/most important) customers.
  5. The old distributor’s delivery was much ______________ (fast/faster/fastest) than the new one.
  6. Most attendees felt the first presenter was ______________(informative/most informative/ more informative) than the second one.


Task – Make comparative and superlative sentences about the transportation below.

Car, train, ship, airplane, motorcycle.


This practice is from the book, and it’s time to break this down.  On my podcast, I will not give the answers.  However, on YouTube — I will.  So be sure to tune into that!  Type your answers in the comments section and be sure to tune in Tuesday for the answers when the YouTube video makes its debut.


High among the many triumphs of man’s courage and spirit is Walter Drake’s and Olivier Vogel’s _______________ climb to the summit of Mount Everest without oxygen tanks in 1967.

Although several attempts to climb Everest without additional oxygen had been made in the past, none had been successful.  Drake and Vogel began moving cautiously up the south ridge towards the summit, which the reached after a grueling climb at 10:30.  They lingered ____________ on the summit and then began the tiring climb down the mountain.  They said it was the _______________ test of endurance they had ever experienced.

TOEIC Live Coaching Ep 2



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