Arsenio’s ESL Task: Developing Critical Thinking- Community Service

Welcome back to another ESL task! I love these and I don’t want to stop on developing critical thinking lessons, so I’m back with another one.

Here’s your task.

What are the benefits and drawbacks of doing community service?

Benefits and drawbacks: college applications, mental nourishment, not enough money, not enough time, other obligations, teamwork.


  1. How can doing community service help you achieve your goals?
  2. What things do you do that are obligatory? What do you do altruistically? How can you tell the difference?

My opinion is, if you force yourself to do something just to get Instagram likes, Facebook shares, and Twitter retweets, you’re taking advantage of the week.  Community service, a foundation, or something that helps give back to those who aren’t as fortunate, shouldn’t be for likes or dollar signs.

I remember Gary Vee once said, “if they volunteer in Africa and they’re entitled, they’re going to be the same ol’ person — no matter what.” I do disagree, to a certain extent. However, if they live there for x amount of months and develop empathy and compassion (key traits that non-empathizers and entitled rich kids don’t have), it could possibly work.

Doing things for the less fortunate has to be don altruistically.

I’ll give you another example.  I recently discovered the organization “Pencils of Promise” through Gary Vee’s video (him going to Ghana — and that was surely obligatory and not out of his good heart).  When I saw this video, I didn’t know what pencils of promise was until I heard it again on Lewis Howes’ Instagram account.  They hosted a Gala Convention with all the famous “podcasters, YouTubers” and people who donated an insane amount of money, or — they’re just famous in general.

That’s very infuriating because on Pencils of Promise Instagram, it shows them continuously asking for donations to put girls in rural schools around South America….back in school.  My guess is they used that money to have a huge Gala to promote their organization even more, and that’s what really makes me angry about these types of American organizations.  The Red Cross and other foundations that ask for assets to do a good deed — are full of it.  If you want me to donate blood, I want to track my blood.  That’s right.  I want a barcode so I know the last destination of the hospital that will use my blood.

Anywho, this is for you guys to either oppose me, or to be the affirmative.  Free-write this for 15 minutes.  Journal it and think about it!


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