Questions & Answers with Celina Celeste: Connect with People Who Can Expand Your Vision

Oh, she’s back! And we’re back firing on all cylinders.  I love bringing Celina on, especially the day before the weekend, because the amount of fire she gives me to go out and tackle the world is unmeasurable.  We’re getting into the grit here. We tell our dark stories in the podcast, along with the transitions, and now the unbelievable groups we’re now around and has up-leveled us.  Here we go!

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Things we discussed:

  • Shared stories on when we decided to change our lives.
  • Mixing with the right people.
  • Our experiences about the differences between expanding negative and positive influences.
  • Reinventing yourself.
  • How we connected and expanded our vision by making a virtual mastermind group.
  • How attracting the right group of people will change your lives and changing others.
  • How do you start distancing people who are filled with negativity and how you attract the right kind of people?
  • Gary Vee’s words about how you distance yourself from negative friends and families. How you manage those negative family members?
  • Self-control
  • Calm people who can’t communicate.
  • Explain three ways how to build a mastermind group.

Listen to “Questions & Answers with Celina Celeste: Connect with People Who Will Expand Your Vision” on Spreaker.


Thank you for listening!

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