Arsenio’s ESL Podcast: Special – IELTS – Speaking Test Basics

Hello, everyone! Free IELTS Coaching on Facebook live was this past Sunday, but now I decided to do a YouTube video and a podcast on what I covered on there! This normally debuts every Sunday at 7am Bangkok, Thailand time — unless something happens.  But I’m glad to be bringing this to you guys today and we’re going to go from the very basics with what I have on the lesson.

Again, this lesson is available in PDF form, so be sure to tune into either the note I posted, the PDF I provided, or the other forms I have.


 Get ready to speak!


As I’ve told you guys so many times before, there are frequently asked questions on the IELTS speaking part of the examination, and it normally starts like this.


  1. Can you tell me your name, please?
  2. What’s your candidate number?
  3. Can I see your card?
  4. Thank you. Ok, now in this first part, I’d like to ask you some questions.  Let’s talk about __________.


You get the idea.  So, getting familiar with familiar topics are extremely crucial.  These familiar questions are things about family, likes, dislikes, etc.



Let’s talk about where you live.

  • What do you like most about your home town/city? Why?
  • Is your home town/city a popular place for tourists to visit? Why/why not?
  • Do you think your home town/city has changed much in recent years? Why/why not?


At the end of each question, expect there to be follow-up questions from the examiner.  Your goal is to beat them to the punch.  Once the question is asked, always think “why?”  ALWAYS! Don’t let them ask you why.


Please do not memorize verbatim.  If you memorize anything, the examiner will stop you and ask a different question to throw you off your game.  Your goal is to be as natural as possible.


Answer the questions down below and don’t write anything.  No notes or anything, just speak freely and record yourself on a device.

  • When someone visits your town/city, do you recommend the main tourist attractions, or places off the beaten path?
  • What are some popular non-touristy dishes in your country?
  • What’s the 2nd/3rd best celebration in your country?


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