Arsenio’s ESL Podcast: Season 3 – Episode 11 – Grammar – State & Action Verbs

People! Welcome back, and as promised, I told you guys that I would be coming up with much more material.  This season is going to be pretty extended, so I want you to brace yourselves for a long, but very fun season!

Read the sentences.  Do the verbs describe states and situations? Or do they describe actions?

  • Be sure to tune into my podcast for the answers!
  1. I have a big garden.
  2. I love warm weather.
  3. I like sitting out there.
  4. My picture looks like me.
  5. The flowers smell good.
  6. I don’t believe that’s true.
  7. I know why I drew a flower.
  8. I think I’m the opposite.


Verbs of feeling and liking: hate, went, prefer, need ___________, ___________.

Verbs of thinking: _____________, ____________, ___________

Verbs of the senses: __________, ______________ hear, see, taste, sound, feel, seem

Verbs of possession: _____________, own, belong


Task: Decide if each verb describes a state or an action.

  1. I look/am looking for my shoes.  Do you know/Are you knowing where they are?
  2. Isn’t she beautiful? She looks/is looking like a film star.
  3. My sister has got/is having a new job.
  4. My sister can’t speak at the moment.  She has/is having a shower.
  5. Do you know/Are you knowing the answer now?
  6. I don’t understand/am not understanding a word you’re saying.
  7. Don’t worry about your competition.  I believe/am believing in you to get the job done.
  8. I don’t like/am not liking this movie.  I want/am wanting to leave now.


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