Arsenio’s ESL Podcast: Season 3 – Episode 10 – Pronunciation Skill – Linking the Past Tense verb to the Next Word

Here’s a great pronunciation practice to kickstart your wonderful week!  Listen to my podcast down below and enunciate the sentences with me — using the intonation (rise and fall) and listening closely to the past tense verbs.


  1. Jake didn’t major in dental; he majored in medical.
  2. I’ve recently backed up all of the data on my MacBook.
  3. They’re concerned about how he’s teaching the students.
  4. The two countries have agreed to the terms and conditions on importing and exporting goods.
  5. It was my birthday, so my mother picked me up and took me out to dinner.
  6. I walked into the wrong classroom yesterday, but the students had a laugh.
  7. I’ve already filled out the form to submit to the US embassy.
  8. I should have brought my document with me.  Sorry.  I’ve attached it to the email I recently sent to you.
  9. Which countries refused you at the border?
  10. She hasn’t prepared the speech yet.


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