Interviewee #21: Joe Mintzer on Overcoming Drug Addiction (Part 1 of 2)

I woke up one weekday morning and saw a message from a booking agent.  Trevor, who works as the agent, told me he had a client that would be very suitable for a podcast interview.

Joe, a man who was fueled by drug addiction at the age of 13 and selling cocaine by 21, had a panic attack in his late 30’s, realized that it was time to embrace life.  Through meditation and going back to school, he turned his tumultuous teen years around and embarked on a mission to inspire others around the world — starting a program called Spiraddict Warrior — a program that aims at helping addicts recover through meditation and fitness.

Guys, without further ado, this is a special one!


Get in touch with Joe Mintzer

– Overcoming drug addiction


Things we discussed:

  • Introduction by Arsenio Buck.
  • Talking about the host’s childhood and how he got involved in drugs.
  • Experimentation of drugs and experiences in the legal process and court mandatory probation.
  • Serving jail after violating probation.
  • Decided to move out of Florida.
  • When the defining moment was for the host to overcome drug addiction.
  • How to overcome drug addiction?
  • Seeking employment.
  • Indulging in drinking.
  • Sharing about anxiety disorder and shared about the phone call experience with his boss.
  • Treatment at the hospital for anxiety disorder and alcoholism.
  • The change.
  • Counselling.
  • The true reasons why the host  was involved in alcohol.
  • Purpose of fulfilment.


Thank you for listening!


Thank you so much for joining me for this podcast. Please do write down some feedbacks and comments. Please do share this podcast to your social media.

Part II of the podcast will come next week!





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