Arsenio’s ESL Podcast: Season 3 – Episode 2 – Grammar – Modals of Advice

We’re back at some more Modal Verbs and today I want to talk about how often we use these specific ones in terms of telling or advising people to do or not to do something.  Different modal verbs express how strongly you feel something should or shouldn’t be done.



Could: This is most often used to make suggestions and emails.

Subject + could + base form                         A: You could eat blueberries and nuts.                                                                                            B: Could you please send me the article?



Should: These are considered stronger/imperative.  You use these when you think actions are necessary.

Subject + should/have to + base form     

Example: You should eat a breakfast complete with brain foods.


Must: is also very strong.  It is often used when there is a negative consequence.  You use it when stating facts.

Subject + must + base form

Example: You must implement stillness into your day to relax your mind and body, or else you will get sick.


Task: Choose a modal verb from above that best completes the sentences.

  1. Everyone _____________ find a career they love to do; rather than finding just a job to get by.
  2. You ______________ download my podcast and subscribe to practice your English on a daily basis.
  3. Everyone ______________ use proper etiquette; but not everyone does.
  4. You _________________ implement cardio/conditioning into all of your workouts.
  5. The doctor said that you __________________ be aware of what you eat, or else you’ll get fat.



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