Arsenio’s ESL Podcast: Special – TOEIC – Grammar & Vocabulary Tip Part II

YES! We are back and doing better than ever, breaking down some more basics for you guys.  As time goes on, I will make this a lot more difficult, but this is “TOEIC FOR BEGINNERS” at this point.  Let’s dive into it!

Present Continuous In The Present & Future


The present continuous can be used for both present and future ideas.

He’s preparing the report right now.

She’s talking on the phone with Joe right now.

We’re having lunch together tomorrow.

They’re arriving tonight.

Going to?



Vocabulary Tip


Numbers can be expressed one way in the conversation and a different way in the answer.

I’m going to buy a dozen eggs.

How many eggs did she buy? 12.

The price was reduced by 75 percent.

How much is the coat now?


6                              half-dozen

6 o’clock                 

7 days                    one week/a week

4 weeks                 a month

25 years                quarter-century

75%                        three-quarters



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