Arsenio’s ESL Podcast: Special – TOEIC – Grammar & Vocabulary Tips

Welcome to my first TOEIC podcast.  I’ve made one before, but because of the low plays I had, I decided to forgo with anymore.  However, today is the day I introduce it again and add a YouTube video to adjoin them together.


Grammar Tip


So, today I want to talk about some verbs that don’t change forms, regardless if they’re in present, past, present/past perfect, or anything else.

Cost, cut, fit, hit, put, set, shut.


They always put the teacups next to the teapot.

First they washed the teapot, then they put it on the table.

The teapot has been put on the table next to the teacups.


Vocabulary Tip

Meanings of check.

So, the word “check” has many uses.  You can use it as a noun, verb, or even a phrasal verb.


check is how we would write out money a decade ago.

bill in a restaurant.



To examine

To review (for accuracy)

To hand over baggage for transportation

To slow or stop


Phrasal Verbs

Check in

Check out

Check into



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