My Personal Development Podcast Schedule!

Ok, so I remember doing a schedule at the beginning of the year, but the numbers were still extremely down because I posted sporadically.  There weren’t seasons, either.  There were set days, but a colleague of mine said I should focus on just one book.  So, this is how the schedule is going to look.

Monday – Podcast

Tuesday – Off

Wednesday – Podcast (today off though)

Thursday – Off (but tomorrow on)

Friday – Podcast

Saturday/Sunday – Add-ons


What do I mean by this? Well, for instance, I have Celina, who’s an entrepreneur in Denver, Colorado, who I will do a bi-weekly podcast with starting this weekend.  Also, my entrepreneurial friends out there in Malaysia (Hakeem and Moustafa), will becoming on this weekend for a nice chat on the health sector.

Anytime I interview anyone throughout the week, I will put them on Saturday or Sunday.  This is much better for my content writer, too, just so she can do the show notes.

So, now that we have a set schedule and numbers are rising, stay tuned for more podcasts debuting tomorrow (making up for not doing one today)!

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