Arsenio’s ESL Podcast: Season 2 – Episode 46 – Grammar – Gerund & Infinitives Part II

I’m bringing back more gerund and infinitive work, and with that will be a lot of exercises to discover yourself: personality, romance, ideal jobs, advice, etc.  Enjoy the exercise down below!


  1. When I go shopping, I don’t buy anything.
  2. I love giving presents.
  3. Understanding other people’s opinions isn’t easy.
  4. I find it easy to talk about how I feel.
  5. I learn by watching.
  6. Nobody wanted to make the decision.

7. A: Why did you shout at the waitress?

B: To tell her that our food is cold.

We use the gerund:

  • with go to talk about physical activities.
  • as the subject of a sentence.
  • after verbs of liking or disliking
  • after prepositions

We use the infinitive: 

  • after certain verbs like want.
  • immediately after adjectives.
  • to explain why somebody does something.

Exercise – complete the texts with the gerund or infinitive form of the verbs with to.

You’re warm and caring and you think it’s easy _______________(make) friends.  You do many things ______________(make) your friends’ lives better.  But ____________(be) helpful can sometimes get you into trouble because you want _________(know) what problems people are having.

You never want ______________ (argue) about anything.  You’re calm and open-minded.  You enjoy ____________(listen) to other people and you think it’s important ____________(hear) different opinions.  But __________________(do) what other people want all the time can be tiring.


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