Arsenio’s ESL Podcast: International Guest Speaker – Nathan of Kazakhstan!

Someone from an up and coming language center in Kazakhstan liked one of my posts.  When she did, I checked her Instagram out and saw that she was an entrepreneur in Astana, Kazakhstan.  I reached out to her and she referred her husband over.  Finally, here’s Nathan, an American born teacher who’s been living in Kazakhstan for more than 8 years already.  He provides a nice blend of what Kazakh was, their English language standards, and a few other things that will open your mind to potentially visiting the country.

International Guest Speaker Nathan from Kazakhstan

  • Entrepreneur



Things we discussed:

  • Introduction given by Nathan.
  • Biography.
  • How it all began in Kazakhstan?
  • Talked about Kazakhstan cities, different culture and its weather.
  • Talked about Kazakhstan’s geography and about when Kazakhstan became a nation.
  • Talked about ethnicities and cultural relations in Kazakhstan.
  • Talked about English proficiency in Kazakhstan cities.
  • English usage in Kazakhstan educational institutions and government departments.
  • Cuisine in Kazakhstan.
  • What are the goals of Nathan’s language school in Kazakhstan?


Thank you for listening!


Thank you so much for joining me for this podcast. Please do write down some feedbacks and comments. Please do share this podcast to your social media.



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