Positive Mental Attitude: Season 2 – Episode 9 – How to Find Satisfaction in Your Job

“No matter what your job may be—boss or employee; plant manager or factory worker; doctor or nurse; lawyer or secretary; teacher or student; housewife or maid—you owe it to yourself to find satisfaction in your job as long as you have it.
You can, you know. Satisfaction is a mental attitude. Your own mental attitude is the one thing you possess over which you alone have complete control. You can determine to find satisfaction in your job, and discover the way to do so.
You are more apt to find satisfaction in your job if you do “what comes naturally”—that for which you have a natural aptitude or liking. When you take a job that doesn’t “come naturally” you may experience mental and emotional conflicts and frustrations. You can, however, neutralize and eventually overcome such conflicts and frustrations—if you use PMA, and if you are motivated to gain experience to become proficient in the job.”

Excerpt From: Napoleon Hill. “Success Through A Positive Mental Attitude.” iBooks. https://itunes.apple.com/us/book/success-through-a-positive-mental-attitude/id381618319?mt=11

I can write a book on job satisfaction.  Honestly, this is a tough one to crack.  Can you actually find satisfaction in your job if you hate it? No.  Let me give a rundown of some of my jobs.

Crows Nest, Australia – October 2011

There was a lady (if she’s still there) named Philippa Sawyer.  She’s the second most ruthless “boss” I ever had in my life.  Nothing was EVER enough, and now thinking back at it, one can cry racism or nationalism (me being America), but it wasn’t only me.  Some of the staff fell into depression and ended up crying in the break room because of her.  Not only that, but there was a remarkable nurse who worked across the hall in her Dental Anesthetist Suite who was also crying because the pressure and ignorance from Philippa.  I remember one day I went in with the strongest PMA one could ever imagine, and she still broke me down.  I sent the practice manager a message and gave her a 1-2 week notice.  I no longer cared about the money.  My life was quickly deteriorating around me.  I was trying so hard to maintain a positive mindset, but there was no chance, so I quit.  This was a massive decision, but I did end up getting hired at a dental temp agency and fortunately, I was able to get some sporadic work over the next 6 months until my visa ended.

Lesson: No matter how hard you try, if there’s constant pressure and being quitting around you, there’s a significant, underlying issue at your place of work.

Chanthaburi, Thailand – Private School

Honestly, I don’t remember one happy day here.  Before I had even come here to Thailand, the boss threatened me.  That’s right.  I saw a sneak peak of her insidious agenda.  When I went to Pratunam Mall in Ratchathewi on day 3 of living here in Thailand, I FELT that energy.  I looked at her and she was the definition of evil.  There’s no other way I can sugar coat it.  There wasn’t a warm welcome, which most schools would do.  It was a rawrrrrr, following 4 months of sheer hell.  The amount of ignorance, speaking down on me, calling me a black ******** and so many other things….was unbearable.  So, I slipped up and told a teacher that I was leaving, and she started bawling.  All the parents came and urged me to stay, but I just couldn’t.  The last day I got paid for instruction was the end of September, and my next garbage, $600 dollar check would’ve come another 60 days later.  Already having just a little bit in my savings, I needed to take a leap of faith and head to the south of Thailand.  I did, got an increased wage of 80%, and the rest was history.

All in all, it wasn’t just the job, it was the entire province.  It was ruthless.  I felt the 100% of “we hate black people” racist in this particular province.  It was difficult as HELL.

New Education World, Bangkok, Thailand

This was complacency/shrug-your-shoulders-off vintage Arsenio.

Here are some comments from the main lady, marketing director, bosses, and teachers

  • To be honest, it’s hard to market if we use a black guy.
  • Why did you put the black teacher in the photo?
  • To be honest, he’s already black, so it’s difficult to give him work already.
  • I don’t think you’re good enough.
  • I don’t want a black teacher.
  • Black bastard.
  • White men are better.
  • Your grammar is terrible.

Welcome to hell.  Amazing how I put up with this for 3.5 years before getting removed from Toshiba (an outsourced company) and they simply didn’t want a black teacher anymore.  It was shocking.  It’s good to finally air these things out, because looking back at it, I was insane for choosing complacency over the benefit of my health!

At the beginning of this year, I got chest pains and anxiety going to work. I was terrified.  I remember going up the escalators wondering, “what are they going to complain about today?”  I had a foreshadowing back in 2016 — blackmail from a sex tourist/pedaphile turned verbal warning and (don’t use our equipment for your YouTube videos anymore) almost getting fired because I was speaking the truth.  Arsenio, why didn’t you leave then?

I was comfortable being uncomfortable. I didn’t think a soul was going to hire me outside because I already had known about racial discrimination here in Thailand.

Well, fortunately enough, I got removed from Toshiba, threatened and belittled by a British Thug of a coordinator, and that was the end.  Job offers came in from 4 countries on three continents and my mind was already outside of the language center.

Guys, what can you learn from this blog? You can’t make things work that aren’t working.  It doesn’t matter how much PMA you have.  If you’re not happy, feeling anxiety, stress, depression on every level of your being, LEAVE!!!!!

*Some people don’t have jobs to go to*

Bullshit.  I’m African American in one of the most openly racist countries towards African Americans in the WORLD…and I found another job.  Sadly, this job now has it’s own internal issues, too….so it’s best that I go full-time in my solopreneurship.


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