TOEIC: Part II – Question & Response – Being Familiar with Time & Location Markers

Wow! It’s been months since doing a TOEIC video, so I’m absolutely elated to be back and giving you guys another video.

I was teaching TOEIC yesterday and realized how critical it was to know your time and location markers.  If you don’t, you can end up filling in the wrong answer because you didn’t know if it was “when” or “how long.”  Let me break it down in this blog with the YouTube video & podcast down below.

The table below contains sentences that answer different time and location questions. 

Match each answer to the correct question type.  

  1. Where/directions – 
  2. How long?
  3. When?


a We will be finished in December.

b It’s at the CP Tower, on the 15th floor.

c She’s been working there for a few weeks.

d It’s down the street.  When you get to the end, make a right and it’s opposite KTB Bank.

e. Thai Post delivered the packages two hours ago.

f They’ve been in the meeting since 10am this morning.

g I’m going to Malaysia, as usual.

h I’ve had it about a month.

i On the 29th of August, at 2pm.

j It’s in the cupboard, behind the sauces.

Tapescript – Spoilers

1: It seems like forever, but actually it’s only about 6 years.

2: If you go across the street and turn left, you should see a Chinese restaurant about a block down.

3: They don’t usually drop them off until after 6 o’clock.

4: Well, I was born in Scotland, but I grew up in England.







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