Arsenio’s ESL Podcast: Season 2 – Episode 37 – Vocabulary – Personal Qualities

Ahh, excellent vocabulary for you guys to describe your family members or people you’re in contact with.  This is great for IELTS students around the globe, so let’s dive into some of these definitions.


Well-organized: It’s very important for you to be organized, because if you’re not, there could be a big problem with you being efficient.

Fit: This is a very controversial topic.  Some authors have written that being fit isn’t good, and on the other hand, people say that if you don’t workout, your body will deteriorate at an early age.

Hard-working:  Most nurses I know around the world are hard-working.

Sensitive: Being sensitive could be a good thing or a bad thing.

Caring/Empathy: These are two unique qualities that every human being must become friends with.

Ambitious: Someone who has goals in life and wants more out of life.

Clever/Bright: This probably relates only to academics, but being clever is thinking outside-the-box.

Creative: Entrepreneurs must be creative to be able to adapt to the market.

Confident: One of the best ways to become confident as a non-NES is to make mistakes FAST.


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