Positive Mental Attitude: Season 2 – Episode 6 – Attract Wealth — Don’t Repel It

“Whoever you are—regardless of your age, your education, or your occupation—you can attract wealth. You can also repel it. We say: “Attract—don’t repel—wealth.” – Napoleon Hill

Ok, I went on a beautiful rant just last episode about not being rich in pockets, but more in legacy.  Keep that in mind for the rest of your life because I do hold true to those words.  Now, for the rest of you who really want to attract wealth — STOP REPELLING!

George Stefek, who was in a hospital bed for some time, used that time to “think.”  See, a lot of people don’t think, learn, grow, and share knowledge.  This leads to you not becoming resourceful.  Let me give you a story of his (in the podcast) and mine.

I thought I was worth a lot more when I was younger, but none of my actions and learning was matching my words.  My first job was $600 USD, and I didn’t learn a damn thing throughout those five months.  Next job was $1000 USD, but again, wasn’t learning and growing as a teacher and got very discontent rather quickly.  So, when I moved to bKK, I challenged myself.  I never picked up legitimate grammar, business, academic writing, and test prep books in my life.  I was told to teach a student “TOEIC”, and at the time, I didn’t know how to explain to her “why” the answer was “deception” instead of deceit, deceitful, and deceptive.”

However, since learning and teaching so much, I’ve becoming remarkably resourceful and my pay per hour, on my own terms, have exceeded my expectations (and will continue doing so).  I was repelling by not learning more.

“Now it isn’t necessary for you to go to a hospital to establish the habit of reading good motivating books, to think or to make plans. And your thinking, study, and planning sessions need not be too lengthy. If you invest only one per cent of your time in a study, thinking, and planning session it will make an amazing difference in the speed with which you reach your goals.
Your day has 1,440 minutes in it. Invest one per cent of that time in a study, thinking, and planning session. And you will be astounded at what those fourteen minutes do for you. For it may surprise you to find that when you develop this habit you will receive constructive ideas almost any time or anywhere you might be: while doing the dishes, or riding the bus, or while taking a bath.
Be certain to use two of the greatest, yet simplest working tools ever invented—tools used by a genius like Thomas Edison—a pencil and a piece of paper. For he always had handy—paper and pencil. And thus you, like him, will record the ideas that come to you day or night.”

Excerpt From: Napoleon Hill. “Success Through A Positive Mental Attitude.” iBooks.


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