As A Mentor/Coach…..This Will Happen

Imagine trying to have a conversation with a boy/girl you took under your wings for 3 years.  The first day you met him/her, you knew she were oozing with great potential.  Since you were heading down this career path from the beginning, you quickly turned him/her into a student/client and spurred her on to the greatest heights of his/her’s life.

Somewhere along the way things change.  The persona of the individual started to set in.  The EGOISM, which you were terrified of the person absorbing somewhere down the line, is now definitive.  The conversations, cold-shoulders and other things start to happen.  Money begins to play a significant factor in the mind of this very young entrepreneur and now he/she is no longer in your circle.  They no longer speak to you and apparently now you’re on the back-burner, getting completely roasted while he/she looks over his/her shoulder and says, “ha, I’m too good for you.”


It’s a difficult process seeing someone, or anyone, of any age, being spurred onto success and forgetting about the specific individual who was there from the beginning.  What’s even worse is if these individuals do come back around, it’s for their own personal success and needs.  There’s never a genuine, “hey! How are things going?”  NEVER.

Now, you can go so far to say it’s a generational thing, but regardless of the other person’s actions, you still should be so grateful for that individual.

This is what coaching is.  Sometimes it could be a grind, but I’m so grateful seeing students, of all walks of life, go onto bigger ambitions.


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