Arsenio’s ESL Podcast: Season 2 – Episode 36 – Pronunciation Skill – Paragraph & Recording

So, I decided to do something that’s much more interactive with you guys today.  I’ll put the following paragraph in the description, too, just so you don’t have to come to this website to see it.

I’m going to enunciate this paragraph in its entirety and finish.  Then I want you to do the same paragraph and submit it to me on my Facebook Page. From that I will listen to all of them and give a special shout out to the winner on August the 29th!

Read the following paragraph as naturally as possible….and you can listen to my podcast down below, first.


Have you ever watched young children play with the sounds of the language they are learning? The imitate, repeat, and sing sound combinations without effort.  For young children, learning to speak a new language seems automatic.  No one would suspect that complex learning is occurring.  For adult learners, pronunciation of a new language is not automatic.  Adult learners have to put forth more effort.  Why is progress in adults more limited? Some experts say the reasons are biological or physical.  Others say they are social or cultural.  No matter what the reason is, it is important to realize a few things about clear speech.  First, if you are motivated and have good instruction, you will improve your pronunciation.  Second, it is not necessary to lose your accent or sound like a native speaker to communicate clearly in English.

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