Arsenio’s ESL Podcast: Season 2 – Episode 35 – Vocabulary – Different Uses of Get

Welcome back, all! Lots of my students get confused with the word “get” and it’s usage, so this podcast and blog is specially for this.

Let’s look at some of these sentences that have get. Match each one with the correct meaning.

  1. Summers are getting very hot.
  2. I got your email yesterday.
  3. Last week she got a book about pollution.
  4. What time will you get to the meeting?
  5. Can you get me the pen that’s on the desk?

a. arrive

b. bring

c. become

d. obtain or buy

e. receive

Complete the sentences with the following words: dark, late, ready, red, thin, worse.  What is the meaning of get in each sentence?

  1. You look very hot.  Your face is getting _______.
  2. My brother needs to eat more.  He’s getting very _______.
  3. Um, John! Wake up! You need to get __________ for school!
  4. People today are worried that the situation is getting ____________.
  5. Wow, it’s 9pm! It’s getting __________. Time for bed!
  6. I’ll switch the light on.  It’s gotten very _____________ in here.


What usually happens in these situations: an email with news, angry, home late, presents

  1. When somebody says pretty rude things to you. You get _________.
  2. You run for an hour or more like I do in the streets of Bangkok. _______________.
  3. It’s Christmas morning.  _____________.
  4. You’re out past 12am and the train isn’t running anymore. _______________.
  5. Your accounts manager in Dubai writes to you to tell you what happened yesterday morning at the meeting.  ______________.



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