Arsenio’s ESL Podcast: International Guest Speaker – Round II – Fernanda of Uruguay on How to Think in English

Another brilliant conversation with my fellow teacher from Uruguay.  She had some gems in this podcast when I asked her about “thinking in English” so here are the show notes, podcast, and other things for you guys down below!


International Guest Speaker Fernanda from Uruguay

  • How to think in English?



Things we discussed:

  • Introduction given by Fernanda.
  • What is your perspective about thinking for answers in English?
  • How do you think in English? When did it happen?
  • How do you think in English without an English native speaker?
  • Learning from a private English teacher with online English news.
  • English conversations with a private English teacher.
  • Practising non – English with online newspapers and with native speakers.
  • How do your students respond to your basic English questions? Variety of cases of thinking in English.
  • Dare to make mistakes and try to reach your communication to others. Practice makes improvement.
  • How do you correct your students?
  • Obsession with using the correct Grammar.
  • Environment, podcasts, reading books and websites are an opportunities that every English learners students can seek and start speaking English.


Thank you for listening!


Thank you so much for joining me for this podcast. Please do write down some feedbacks and comments. Please do share this podcast to your social media.



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