Questions & Answers: International Schools vs. Solopreneur (In Thailand)

Government schools, private schools, international schools….you name it.  It’s all part of the “system” here in Thailand.  One of my students recently asked me “why don’t you work at an international school and get better pay?”  Well, let me break down the reasons WHY.

1) Freedom to Accept & Deflect

When I was working at a job recently (3.5 years and hated the last 1.5 years of it), I was being forced to teach at bad projects.  I told the “head” teacher that one place was racist as hell, but he didn’t care and forced it down my throat by saying: “we expect to be the number one priority.” Guys, when you’re a solopreneur, you don’t have to be stressed to the max.  I had a project at a bank during this time and he was telling me to “do this or go part-time” instead of compromising and saying, “ok, you don’t want to do it because of this.  I understand.”  That’s just historical thinking and it’s no wonder the place is completely collapsing to this day.

Just think about it.  If I told my part-time banking job “no” at the time, I wouldn’t have gotten the dozens of other projects I have today.  There’s always a ripple effect.  I would’ve been doing for other assholes rather than achieving and gaining projects by myself.  ALWAYS look out FOR you!

What I learned is you have to rebel.  If a boss, coordinator or any other jackass starts to threaten you in the beginning stages, walk out.  There’s absolutely no need to stay.  I recall the most EVIL BOSS IN THE WORLD saying “I shouldn’t even give you a work permit or visa!”  Like, I was an idiot to stay after being verbally insulted like that.

And what happened next was simply me going home, looking for another job — and found one.  Left without telling them a god damn thing, too.  That’s how I roll.

Freedom to Call the Shots

When you’re a solopreneur, you don’t have to report to a manager who has a 3-decade old perception of life.  I don’t have to create grades for a soul.  I’m calling my own shots and that’s the best thing to do.  When someone comes to you and says, “I need this, I need that, this is the due date.”  Ummm, f*** you….babe.  I have my own due dates.  That’s a BEAUTIFUL thing.

Freedom to Travel

Working at an international school in Thailand entails that you can only take holidays on specific periods.  Ummm, no.  I’m going to take a holiday whenever I want.  When I come back, I better still have my job.

At my first language center job, I took holidays whenever I wanted until an OLD BRIT wanted to gain that control over me.  Ummm, again, f*** you.  I don’t give a damn how old you are.  If you don’t respect my goals in life, bye.  That feels SO GOOD.  Never have I EVER had a job in the world that I can say, “hey, I won’t be here next week…I’m going to Cairo.”  No way.  In America, you get fired in the matter of seconds.  Hell, in America you don’t even get a holiday.  If you get a holiday….it’s going to be a permanent one.  You’re just a number.

Freedom to Make Your Own Assets

If you want x amount for this month, done.  If you want to work real hard this month, ok.  If I want to teach online in the evening and call off the next day….perfection.  Also, you don’t have middle-men/women.  Most language centers in Thailand are corrupted.  Their CEO’S try hosing the majority of the teachers.  My last job made 90% and I made 10% working at a completely discombobulated company called Toshiba.  Is that fair?

How about 20-25%?

Do you think that’s fair?

50%? Not bad, but now I’m 30 and I want my own projects.

So I’ll do 100% because at least the student knows where there money is going.

Here’s my Podcast and YouTube video down below to break it down in micro.




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