Positive Mental Attitude: Season 2 – Episode 3: How To Motivate Others (1/2)

How can you motivate others? How can you motivate others who don’t want motivation? How can a parent motivate a child and vice versa?

These are some questions that have been hanging over my head for years.  My mother never motivated me to learn Spanish.  My father never motivated me to learn about personal development.  My father, quite frankly, didn’t do a god damn thing.  I’ve made that very apparent over recent years, but sitting here looking back now I actually wonder how I was able to motivate myself — and why am I motivating others today?

“It is important to know how to motivate others in an effective manner and in a desirable direction. Throughout life you play dual parts in which you motivate others and they motivate you: parent and child, teacher and pupil, salesman and buyer, master and servant—you take each part.
How a child motivated his father. A boy two-and-one-half years of age was walking with his father after a very heavy Christmas Day dinner. When they had walked about a block and a half, the youngster stopped, looked up at his father with a smile, and said: “Daddy …” then hesitated. His father responded, “Yes?” The boy paused for a second or two and continued, “If you say please, I’ll let you carry me.” Now, who could resist this type of motivation? Even a new-born baby motivates his parents to action.”

Excerpt From: Napoleon Hill. “Success Through A Positive Mental Attitude.” iBooks.

Napoleon Hill was dealing with a tragedy for so many years and his family thought he was broken.

When I tried motivating my family after I came back from Australia, they wanted to part.  They always went back to the same, bickering, “I hate life” type of lifestyle.  My brother and I almost got into a fist fight because I tried motivating him by telling him that he was in charge of his life and that with the law of attraction, everything that has happened in the past cane become undone.

I have to really look back to the point where everything began to “change.”  When did I start MOTIVATING people around me? Was it Australia? No.  I think my first real jump into motivation was when I came back from Australia, landed at McCarran International Airport, and then walked back into the living room of my house after a year — only to see my younger sister, who I’ve never had a nice relationship with, sitting and waiting for me to spur her on.  In that moment I lectured her about leaving the country.  It was a 20 minute conversation of pure love and soul from my heart — a connection I never once had with an already deteriorated relationship with her.

Throughout my dental assisting career, there was hardly anything that was inspirational.  Hell, when I tried motivating a very pedantic, inconsiderate and cold worker back then, she would get super angry at me and say I was “flaunting” that I had been abroad before.  From that moment forward, I did somewhat have it in my blood to give me experiences to others in a very positive way.

“When you want to motivate, say it with an inspirational, self-help action book. The most important factors to success in selling are, in order of importance: (a) inspiration to action; (b) knowledge of a successful sales technique for the particular product or service—which is termed know-how ; and (c) knowledge of the product or service itself, activity knowledge. Now, these same three principles can be related to success in any business or profession.
In the story that you have just read you can assume that the salesman had knowledge of the sales know-how and knowledge of the service he was selling. But he did lack the most important ingredient—inspiration to action.”

Excerpt From: Napoleon Hill. “Success Through A Positive Mental Attitude.” iBooks. https://itunes.apple.com/us/book/success-through-a-positive-mental-attitude/id381618319?mt=11

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