Positive Mental Attitude: Season 2 – Episode 2 – How to Motivate Yourself (2/2)

I’m going to hit you guys with someone that will make you THINK.

“Anger and hate. Righteous indignation against evil is a form of anger and hate. The desire to protect one’s nation when attacked by an enemy, or the desire to protect the weak against the criminal attack of the madman to save human life is good. To kill to accomplish this, when necessary, is an example of the worst form of all negative feelings and emotions used to achieve a worthy purpose. In our society the patriotism of a soldier or the fulfillment of duty by a police officer are virtues.”

Excerpt From: Napoleon Hill. “Success Through A Positive Mental Attitude.” iBooks. https://itunes.apple.com/us/book/success-through-a-positive-mental-attitude/id381618319?mt=11

As I’ve said in my recent podcast this past February about tolerance, Napoleon Hill mentioned it in a more different way.  Negative feelings and emotions being used to achieve a worthy purpose.  It’s amazing how the continuation of bombing and killing individuals, regardless of what their virtues are, are heralded in society.  Again, motives can be used in a positive way or a negative way — this way being the most vicious.

Benjamin Franklin, being a controversial figure he was, had his autobiography written.  In it were a list of 12 things that outlined what every human being should do.  In one of them, I was blown away.  “avoid trifling conversations.”

Just recently I made a few podcasts about friends and stuff here in Thailand. Some friends, who I adore dearly, are full of negativity.  There’s nothing uplifting, exciting, or satisfying going on in his life (specifically). Instead, he had some of the worst stories imaginable that revolved around men accusing him of being a scammer, my previous employer saying “it’s hard for him to get work because he’s black,” and so many other preposterous situations, circumstances and stories that put me in a bad mood for one full day.

Regardless of what the past is, circumstances that you know are happening around the world, and the guy down the road screaming at you for no apparent reason — making positivity loud inside your head.  Once you do that and avoid these types of people, you’ll begin to move in the direction of your calling.



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