Arsenio’s ESL Podcast: International Guest Speaker – Maria of Uruguay!

I had a very special privilege to chat with my first ever South American on my podcast; bringing Maria Fernanda on, who’s a teacher, was so much fun!

In this episode I want to allow everyone around the world to really get used to the Uruguayan accent.  Here in Thailand, if you don’t sound Thai or speak Thailish, they often don’t understand foreigners.  This could be a growing problem around the globe.  If we can focus on the Indian accent — another difficult one to understand.  In addition to that, people from Liverpool and Newcastle (yes, in England!), can hardly be understood because they don’t open their mouths.

The more you listen to different accents, the better.  If you have plans of traveling to South America, listening to this podcast and her accent over and over, could be of great help.

Nonetheless, Maria and I only talked about a little, so there is a good chance I’ll bring her on again to talk about weather, climate (which is extraordinary, given the fact that apparently it’s WINTER there), and so many other things. Because we had so much fun, a Round II will be coming up later on this month, so be prepared!


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