Interviewee #16: Nasuha Sahaili On Branding, Power of Words, Communication & Compassion

LinkedIn, a platform I’ve gotten very serious on in the past, is full of unbelievable potential and entrepreneurial mindsets.  In today’s podcast, I was able to bring on a Malaysian-born entrepreneur who has a wonderful that focuses on the essential qualities of doing business — going back to the basics, which is the most essential.

The power of WORDS!


Get in touch with Nasuha Sahaili of Malaysia

– About the power of branding, power of words, communication and compassion.



Things we discussed:

  • Introduction about her business.
  • What’s the core of their business?
  • Branding businesses with words.
  • What mistakes are the businesses in Kuala Lumpur making?
  • How to stand out from the crowd to make their businesses look more presentative?
  • How to look different in terms of value in the market?
  • How to look different in terms of words in a saturated market?
  • How do they reach their market for business goods and services in Kuala Lumpur?
  • The secret of traditional marketing in Kuala Lumpur due to their businesses are highly localised. Know your market and a sense of belonging.
  • The differences between B2C and B2B marketing can be different marketing methods.
  • How do you start your business with your company?
  • The purpose of expanding to Singapore by running a workshop.
  • How do you brand your startup in Kuala Lumpur?
  • How do you use words to bring a new product into another market?
  • The power of billboards advertising.
  • Knowing and understanding local markets.
  • Personal development books that change your life and skills. You need to brand your products and services on digital platforms by understanding and knowing your potential market and customers.
  • Trust is the ultimate weapon when you recruit your agents and drop-shippers. Word of mouth and referrals are real successful in marketing your brand.
  • When are words coming into the game? Brand marketing is all about building your foundation.
  • Branding marketing through digital platforms need to have the right words.
  • Being a good storyteller will be the key and essential to target your niche and the fundamental for brand loyalty.
  • How do they build a niche market and brand loyalty?
  • Brand essence is the fundamental principle, understand your customer and know your customer well.
  • What is your ultimate goal of your company?


Thank you for listening!


Thank you so much for joining me for this podcast. Please do write down some feedbacks and comments. Please do share this podcast to your social media.




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