Bizarre Comments Still Lead To Widespread Racism In Pathumthani, Thailand

As one of my ex-colleagues sat in my air-conditioned condo, sipping on a fine black stout, he went on to tell me a story that was quite disturbing.  Make that two stories….and these stories must be heard.

First, the language center I used to work for has two managers: a Thai and a foreign one.  With this comes a lot of issues, but like I said in the past, the lady was always a racist.

She told my colleague, “honestly (insert name), if students don’t want a black teacher, we can’t use your friend.”

This was the story of my life in the racially driven province known as Pathumthani.  The amount of xenophobia in this area, is sickening.  This is what I had to battle everyday of my life, let alone foreign sex/wife tourists that have flocked to this country to pay for a wife.

Moving forward (since you guys know this redundant story), he told me he was drinking a cocktail at a bar recently when there was a sudden outburst of racism from a British sex tourist: “you’re a scammer! Who are you talking to? Let me see your phone! Scammer scammer!”

Wow….a man literally sipping on his drinking in an open-air bar, dressed to impressed is now ridiculed and yelled at by another anglo, spouting “scammer.”

See, all the stories I’ve told you are no fabrications.  What i had to endure in that heinous province is completely true.

But, ok…..sure, “racism is everywhere” commenters will try justifying and shoving these extreme forms of bigotry underneath the rug.  My question is “what can you do to fix it?” That’s my REAL question.

Take The Leap

Honestly, I’m not exactly sure how my ex-colleague can put up with this.  From his stories about moving into an apartment when the landlord didn’t want to let him move in because he’s black, to these recent stories.  When will he say “enough is enough?”  Honestly, it’s a horrendous atmosphere and it just seems like he’s bombarded by hell all the time. If it’s not the likes of Air Asia, who consistently racial profiles blacks; it’s the schools, old sex tourists from England, or other people in the area.

Remember, guys….THIS IS where I lived! If you listened to my podcasts from about a year ago, you will have heard me talking about the same issues.  It’s just a racially plagued area, because since I’ve been living in Bangkok, all that ignorance is GONE.  I don’t have to prove myself anymore to anyone, especially to my students.  The parents don’t give me dirty looks on Saturday, they smile instead.  The students don’t look at me crazy, nor are they terrified when they see me in the hallway.  The front desk love me because I have a personality and the director is AWESOME.

Not only that, but working at the biggest bank in Thailand, teaching regional managers, Japanese students, doctors, nurses, you name it! All of this is unattached to racism.

So, if I saw things such as that continuously happening to me, I would absolutely leave that area.  This is 2018…..blacks shouldn’t have to prove themselves over whites.  Period.


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