The Five Levels of My ESL Podcast

I got an excellent question from one of my Vietnamese friends….actually, more of a suggestion.

She said, “can you speak more slowly? It’s very difficult for me to understand.”

I asked her when did she start listening to my ESL podcast, and I referred her to the earlier series.  My guess is she was listening to Season 2: The Pre-Intermediate level.

Since there are a lot of students and people tuning in from all around the world, I decided to hurry up and make a blog for my podcast and what’s happening.

So, here are the five levels: Elementary, Pre-Intermediate, Intermediate, Upper-Intermediate and Advanced.

I thought about making a Beginner course, but I decided not to do it and go straight into Elementary.

Right now I’m on the Pre-Intermediate level.  This level is designed for students who already have a foundation and grasp of the language.  If I speak too fast, which a lot of people have said, try going to the first episode of the Elementary podcast and work your way up from there.

In the beginning of me creating this podcast, I didn’t want to jump all over the place (like most other podcasters do) and wanted to instead, make a course where all the podcasts are divided accordingly and easy to navigate.

What devices can I listen on?

My podcast is now available on Spotify for those of you who prefer this software.  However, Castbox  ListenNote, TuneIn, and Stitcher also hosts the podcast.  For people who are interested in developing their speaking, I have Arsenio’s ESL Cafe available on YouTube.  This gives you a feel of how I speak and especially my over-exaggerated gestures.

Do you have transcripts? Or blogs?

This is a good question I get.  Because I haven’t had any recommendations yet in terms of having exact transcriptions, I use only my blogs and post them on  I have a lot of the exercises on my blogs, too, so be sure to tune in!

After the five levels, which will end maybe sometime early next year, I will switch to Business English, Academic Writing and other areas.


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