Arsenio’s ESL Café: Talking About A Holiday (YouTube + IELTS Speaking Part 1)

Welcome back to another YouTube video on developing your speaking! I just realized that I can do a wide range of topics for you guys in terms of speaking, getting around, and even for teachers/students who may possibly take the IELTS in the future.  So, my ESL Cafe will primarily be about developing speaking.  My podcast will feature everything else, including some speaking.  Here’s what I talked about today.

For teachers, this could be an excellent ice-breaker for students.  When I first meet some of my students, I ask them basic questions before asking them the more difficult questions.  This would be one of them.  The majority of their answers would be Japan, China and other Asian countries, but it’s great to build the follow-up question technique, too.  Here are some of the questions I would ask.

Holiday questions…..

  • where you went
  • who you went with
  • how you went
  • where you stayed
  • what you saw and did
  • what you ate
  • what you bought

In the video down below I talked about my experience in Maldives that relates to an IELTS Part II style question.

Also, if you want to hear some of the IELTS part 1 questions, be sure to tune into the following link (FB page: Arsenio’s English & Test Preparation Learning).


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