Gary Vee: Instagram

I was first introduced to Instagram when I was living in Australia.  When I was packing up and getting ready to leave back to America, a practice manager, by the name of Lois Semke said “you should get an Instagram.”  I said, “what’s that?”  I didn’t know about tags or anything back in 2012, so I posted most of my photos that never got any likes.  It wasn’t until 1-2 years later when I first found out about hashtags.  So, what is it about Instagram that people are loving so much?

“Except for YouTube, Instagram has created more famous people than any other platform. It’s massive, it’s a place where you can be equally successful as a content producer or a content curator, and it’s the hottest social network in terms of scale and impact. Some would say it’s gotten harder to get noticed there now that it’s crowded; it’s gotten so popular that college graduates are actually taking a year or two to see if they can get big on Instagram before trying to get a traditional job. It’s not as flexible as Facebook, though I predict that very soon it will remove the time limits on videos. Although its content is bite-size like Twitter’s, nothing in its structure makes it ideal for having conversations. Yet there are so many great tactics you can use to garner awareness—hashtags, collaborations, tagging, ads—that I believe the attention an influencer can enjoy here, especially skilled photographers, chefs, designers, and other artists, runs deeper than on Twitter or Facebook. ”

Excerpt From: Gary Vaynerchuk. “Crushing It!.” iBooks.

I can totally second that about Instagram.  It’s pretty easy to get likes in America when you’re posting half-naked photos of yourself on there.  That’s why people who produce great content never really get notice.  Gary of course would say “it’s not that appealing,” but I have to defer.  I’ve been posting some pretty good content (in relevance to my life and stuff), but I think I’m too truthful about my content.  I speak the truth + 1000%, that’s why I rarely get comments, including YouTube.  How could you argue against what I say? It’s impossible.

If we look at what Instagram is here in Thailand, it’s all about advertising.  I had a student name Elle who was 21-years-old and had a staggering 80k followers.  She would post photos advertising products.  Just recently I saw that she had become a flight attendant for Thai Airways and now is in the six-figure range in terms of followers.  She’s now labeled as an “influencer,” and people pay her to advertise products on her Instagram.  She’s making that BANK!

Instagram stories debut in August of 2016, and I just started using it in general.  I normally make 1-2 Instagram stories a week (should be more) and I attract a good amount of people.  Also, I don’ get the follow/unfollow fools anymore on my page.  I’m actually keeping a lot of my followers glued into my content.  Every time I do a podcast interview, I make sure I do an Instagram story.

“There are many features that make Instagram a requirement for any budding influencer or entrepreneur. You can post for posterity, or you can post for instant gratification. You can draw and filter and caption and tag. Though the feature is currently available only to verified accounts, you’ll soon be able to add links to your posts, a simple move that will open the floodgate of opportunities to drive people to your other content, whether it’s on your website, your blog, or other social networks.
Anyone wishing to build a personal brand should be on Instagram. Create a profile now, or regret it for years to come.”

Excerpt From: Gary Vaynerchuk. “Crushing It!.” iBooks.


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