Arsenio’s ESL Podcast: Episode 48 – Grammar – Quantifiers

So, the first time I heard about quantifiers and determiners while speaking, I asked myself, “what the hell do these even mean?” After reading over them, it was pretty easy….but never knew about the label.

So this is the what they are: we use quantifiers before nouns or pronouns to express how much.

All                 – 100%

Most             – 90%

A lot             – 75-80%

Some            – 60%

Not many    – 20-40% (you can pick)

None             – 0%

Complete the sentences with the following quantifiers and by looking at the picture: all, most, a lot, some, not many, none


  1. ____________________ of the people are sitting.
  2. ____________________ of them are standing.
  3. ____________________ of them have drums.
  4. ____________________ of them are cheerful.
  5. ____________________ of them are sleeping.
  6. ____________________ of them have costumes.



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