The Ramble of Positivity: Episode XXV – That’s Number Three!

My morning list…..

I’m so happy and grateful now that I have possession of the driver seat in my life.

I’m so grateful that I have the opportunity to travel when I want, where I want, and still be able to save as much as I do.

I’m truly grateful for how the first part of the year has been: character building to say the very least!

With all my heart, I’m truly grateful for having developed the intuition to guide me through difficult decisions, one being the removal of a potential job while accepting another one.

I’m thankful this day because when I walked into my new full-time job, with surrounding windows, staff and students full of smiles….I felt at home.

I’m happy for the majority of my viewers of this blog that are coming in from all over the world.

I’m truly grateful for fulfilling my needs of traveling, given the fact that after I came back from Singapore, I wanted to travel again.

With all my heart, I have to be grateful and thankful for the development of my personal being while resuscitating some wonderful friends and nurturing the ones I already have.

This is how your grateful list should look.  If you want to do it through affirmations, go ahead. As long as you’re putting your thoughts out there to the universe.

It’s been a crazy and turbulent first half of the year.  Trips to Malaysia, Singapore and now Laos (super plus side), but searching for a new job and trying to decide what’s best for me has been nothing short of chaos.  I had a bad feeling about a previous job, dumped them, and found a perfect job in a perfect setting that’s suitable for me.  How did I get through all of this? Knowing that with PMA, I would be guided to by my intuition.

I was recently talking to one of my students and I told her, “you know, this job, also known as New Education World (for Thai students to avoid be solicited by sex/wife tourists), made me have anxiety.  After I worked out, or even when I woke up, I had a bad feeling about what could’ve happened at work: “your students said this, we don’t have work, the student wants a white teacher.”  From the anxiety, I developed chest pain.  In February and March, my chest would get heavy when I arrived north of Bangkok, knowing not only that I was going to an openly racist company (just for the remainder months), but the people had been openly racist in the area (all of Pathumthani) for years.”

When I moved to Bangkok, away from all the madness, I was able to breathe.  Seriously, I didn’t have those feelings anymore.  See, if I had stayed there longer, it could’ve developed into depression — a condition that had a stronghold on at least half the sex/wife tourists “teachers” there.  I didn’t want to become a statistic.  Guys had died of heart failure, depression, and other things from this company, so it was best for me to GTFO of their and never look back.

And after this week, I now know that I’ll never have to travel to that area again for as long as I live.

See, when it comes to this thing called “depression,” there’s always an underlying problem.  Most actors/actresses are saturated with dollar signs, but they have an underlying problem that they’re not addressing.  I was heading for the “I hate everything about Thailand” phase of my life until I made a conscious decision to pursue the things I was doing well at.

When I did, life was never the same.  Now here I am, sitting down just hours before my flight (third country in just two months), smiling away, knowing that I’ve attracted and continue to attract to me the most beautiful opportunities.  I suggest you do this, too!


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