Arsenio’s ESL Podcast: Episode 45 – Speaking Skill – Asking for Information (Hotels)

For people who travel, or are traveling soon to a foreigner country, knowing the basics in terms of asking for information and speaking on the phone is critical.  Here in Thailand, I’ve seen Chinese people walk into 7-11 speaking their language.  Do you think anyone outside of China will known Chinese, especially Thailand? This is why English is universal and should be obligatory in all schools worldwide.  However, some countries are scared, like Dubai/South Korea, and chose to ban learning English from primary schools.  One of the reasons were because western ideas, and the other was simply because they were afraid children would lose their mother tongue.

Regardless if you believe it’s right or wrong, communication is important in every country.  Anytime there’s a breakdown, tensions rise and things, mostly conflicts, can happen.  So, here’s a way to show a personality on the phone and just dealing with people in general.  Let’s say this is a combination of developing a pleasing personality and learning expressions.

Speaking Bank

Useful expressions to ask for and give information.

  • I’d like some information, please.
  • What time is check-in?
  • Do you have any rooms available?
  • Is internet access available?
  • Is there a fitness room?
  • Are there any meeting rooms available?
  • Can you recommend any good places to visit?
  • Do you have any twin/double/king size rooms available?
  • How much is it per night?

Time-to-kill activities

There are some things you can do at hotels to kill time, but most notable, at Singapore airport, there’s a vast amount of things you can do to kill time: entertainment deck, movie theatre, gardens, social tree, children’s playground, interactive art, rooftop pool, snooze lounge.

If you’re in a hotel lobby waiting to check-in, ask for wifi passcode and go to the restaurant! Or, if you’re at an upscale hotel, get a massage for the meantime or get a workout in!  When you travel, the goal is for it NOT to be doom-and-gloom! If there isn’t a room available, keep yourself busy by doing something else!



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