Napoleon Hill: ………A Little Something More

“Perhaps you failed because there was something more that was needed to bring you the success you were seeking. Euclid’s axiom says: “The whole is equal to the sum of all the parts and is greater than any of its parts.” This can be rated, assimilated, and applied to every result or achievement. Conversely, any part is smaller than the whole. Therefore, it’s important that you add all the necessary parts to complete the whole.
A negative mental attitude is one of the primary causes of failure. You may be needlessly ignorant of facts, universal laws, and powers. You may know many of them but fail to apply them to a specific need. You may not know how you can affect, use, control, or harmonize with powers known and unknown.
When you seek success with PMA, you keep trying. You keep searching to find something more. Failure is experienced by those who, when they experience defeat, stop trying to find the something more.”

Excerpt From: Napoleon Hill. “Success Through A Positive Mental Attitude.” iBooks.

That’s the beauty about programming.  Your mind is a super computer.  it could be done and undone; and of course, most people’s minds are already done. 

Tony Robbins gave an example of parents (primarily fathers) playing video games with their children.  While they’re playing the games, the child continuously pounds away on them, bit by bit, killing him/her every two seconds.  You become angry and say, “ok, I’m going to beat you now!”  This goes on forever and you finally beat your child, but did that entire process make you dumb? Stupid? Weak?  Not really.  Your child literally mastered the art of playing the video game.  He/she wired his/her brain for success.  On the other hand, you didn’t give up until you were victorious.  That’s seeking success and not giving up on success.

Thomas Edison tried more than ten thousand times before the incandescent lamp was created.  Stephen was denied by USC a dozen times; Steve Jobs was fired from his own company; Oprah wasn’t fit for TV; but that little more push will mean all the difference in the world!

1.… And something more. What does the important principle contained in this chapter mean to you and how can you apply it?

2. If you have failed in an endeavor, could it be because you lack something more—a missing number for a correct, winning combination for success?

3. The whole is equal to the sum of all the parts and is greater than any of its parts. Are any missing parts keeping you from success?

4. The little difference between success and failure is often something more: Hip, Hip, Hooray! A movable wing flap. A quarter-turn of a screw.

5. Are you in partnership with your silent Senior Partner?

6. Use the simplest, but most important, of instruments ever invented—paper and pencil—to write down flashes of inspiration when they occur.

7. How does the technique of brainstorming differ from that of “sitting for ideas”? What is the value of each?

8. Use the success principle of Controlled Attention.

9. Have you established the habit of learning fundamental principles, or do you merely absorb quantities of facts?

Excerpt From: Napoleon Hill. “Success Through A Positive Mental Attitude.” iBooks.


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