How To Find Books That Are Worth Your Time

Ok, Sci-Fi, Romantic novels, dramas, politics, etc…..throw them in the bin.

If we break everything down in macro, you’re sleeping for 6-8 hours a night, school/work for 6-10 hours a day and commuting to work, on average, from 1-2 hours a day.  So we’re looking at a minimum of 13 hours being handed away and maximum of 18-20 hours a day.

So, that gives us very little time to focus on ourselves.  Focusing on the qualities that will enable us to the next big stage in our life.  If you’re spending time playing video games, social media scrolling (those who become lost in the virtual world), or reading a book that doesn’t help you with your life, you’re losing and the clock is ticking.

Become aware of where you’re throwing away your time.  You don’t have time to read? Ok, you can listen to a personal development/self-improvement podcast/video on your way to work to get your brain food for the day.

But for those of you that don’t have time to read, there are essential human qualities that schools/universities seriously don’t help human beings with.

If we look at Purpose, Self-Confidence, Leadership, Tolerance, Pleasing Personality, Self-Control, and all of these other essential qualities needing in all fields of endeavor, none are taught.

If I look at my ex-boss, he’s lacking sympathy, empathy, and has a massive intolerance problem.  On top of that, his personality wretched with a stench and he has no confidence.  Get this….he’s wealthy (but living in Thailand for all the wrong reasons).  See what I mean?

Ok, let’s get even deep.  I work for a part-time job with two women and one of them has one of the worst personalities I’ve ever seen since my first boss in southeast Thailand.  She’s very standoffish and only looks after herself.

Let’s talk about present time…like now.  I’m in a shopping plaza eating a garden salad and I just saw two women walking their dogs in the shopping plaza.  Their dogs both have four shoes on their feet.  Yeah.  They accidentally ran into another group of human beings and didn’t apologize.  Instead, they picked up their dogs and gave them a kiss.

These two are suffering from an insurmountable amount of EGOISM.

Now, are you going to spend your time in front of a monitor in a virtual world? Are you going to spend your time reading books that serve you no purpose? Or are you going to work on yourself to become the best possible version of you? Podcast down below!


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