Arsenio’s ESL Task: Episode 1 – Present Simple & Continuous

I’ve created a task for all my ESL students out there in terms of what we’ve covered in grammar.  This is not in podcast form; only in writing.  I’m going to list the rules for you down below, then I will post a picture and you’ll have to fill in the blank with what’s happening.

Present Simple & Present Continuous

a. We usually watch films on Saturday afternoons.

b. He’s reading a magazine.

c. What are you cooking?

d. I make dinner every Friday.

Routine actions normally have an adverb of frequency: never, often, sometimes, frequently, usually, always, every

Actions happening now have indicators: at the moment, right now, now.

Look at the picture and fill in the text down below.  Or, you can post on my blog or FB page: Arsenio’s TOEIC-TOEFL-IELTS


Malorie: Hey, Sarah! What ________________ you _______________(do)?

Sarah: I ________________(drive) to the football match.

Malorie: ________________ you usually _______________ (drive) to the games? Or do you take public transportation?

Sarah: No, I sometimes _______________(go) with mark if he’s free, but today he has to _______________ (stay) home.  His mother usually _____________(stay) home every Friday night, but this evening she __________________(go) to dinner.  Mark doesn’t have the car to pick me up.

Malorie: Awwwwww bummer.  Well, I hope all is well!

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