Gary Vee: Video Optimization

Grrr! While I was reading this, I smacked the couch that I’m sitting on and face-palmed myself.  I realized that the reason why I’m probably not getting returning listeners is because I’m not optimizing to the full effect that I should be.


“DESCRIPTIONS: Are the top two lines of the description keyword optimized? Are there links to other similar videos or playlists in the description? Is there a subscribe link? Are there links to your other social-media accounts? Are all of the links clickable and trackable?”

Excerpt From: Gary Vaynerchuk. “Crushing It!.” iBooks.

Ahhh! My links are not clickable or trackable, that’s why my content writer told me, “you really need tabs on your website and put everything in one place.”

Because I hadn’t been doing that as of late, I haven’t been getting 100% of what YouTube has to offer.  Sure, I put the key words, but I’m still trying to figure out the keyword optimization.

Is there a subscription link? Nope! However, I did find out how to make it on YouTube.  So, within the last twenty minutes, I’ve made links for practically everything.  From my blogs, to my ESL podcasts.  They’re ready to go on “NOTES” in my Mac and ready for the copy and pasting.  This is a very important part, people.

“TAGS: Are there at least ten tags in the description? Are both one-word and phrase tags included? Do the tags accurately reflect the video’s content? Are the tags valuable, that is, do they have high search volumes but low competition? You can find this out by using tools like VidIQ, Google Adwords Keyword Planner, and” – Gary Vee

So, with my podcasts I have to put the tags separately from what I get on YouTube.  Because I haven’t been putting that many tags on my YouTube, my viewership minute shave been slashed in HALF. Yes, half! It could be because I’m not posting anymore videos, but I’m honestly focusing more on my FB page and ESL podcast because this is what’s getting a lot of attention anyways.

Anywho, do your tags have high search volumes? Example, for the pessimists out there that make videos about Kim Jong Un, they’re more than likely to have a video go viral than someone who’s radiating positivity.  Nonetheless, video tags are just as important.

“YOUTUBE CARDS: To extend watch time on your channel, are you including YouTube cards within your video to drive traffic to other relevant videos you’ve posted?”

BANNER: Does the banner accurately reflect the channel’s content and genre? Does the graphic transfer well to all devices?
ABOUT SECTION/CHANNEL DESCRIPTION: Are the top two lines keyword optimized? Is the first paragraph an overview of the channel? Have you included the upload schedule? Are all of the social-media links clickable? (They don’t have to be trackable.)
PLAYLISTS: Does the channel have custom playlists? Do the playlists have keyword-optimized descriptions? Are the playlists featured on the landing page of the channel?
CHANNEL TRAILER: Is a channel trailer displayed on the landing page? Does the channel trailer accurately reflect the channel’s content and genre? Is the channel trailer telling the best story in the shortest amount of time?”

Excerpt From: Gary Vaynerchuk. “Crushing It!.” iBooks.

Now, it’s time to hop to it!

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