Gary Vee: Vlogging & Online Trolls

Gary Vee explained his early days of Wine Library TV such as the evolution of my podcast.

In his very early stages, he was very timid and acted, I guess you can say, in a professional manner.  Dozens of episodes down the line, you can see a picture of Joe Frazier and Ali fighting in the background.  He was later caught on TV, cheering for the Jets selection of an offensive lineman in 2006.  It extended to something much more than just wine.

So, if you hear my early podcast episodes, you can hear how terrified I was.  My voice, introduction, and the way I carried myself just wasn’t normal whatsoever because the audience at that time were sex/wife tourists here in Thailand just ACHING to hear me say something negative.

Nonetheless, when I began evolving, I started laying alot of things out there in terms of my primary job at the time.  I still won’t admit to this day what I said, but yes, the fools fit the description. I worked with a bunch of old men who complained about every single detail possible about Thailand and I used them as an example to why you should drop out of the “ain’t it awful/bitch party.”

I later got in “trouble” and I continued on by making references to older jobs but talking about the same men. LOL!!! Smart, right?

Anywho, in present day, I talked very openly about some things that could be deemed as controversial.  Yes, I kind of cuss just a tad more, but I still apologize after using the profanity.  I use it only as a point of emphasis.

“As you can see, the delivery, quality, and content of Wine Library TV changed over time. I gave the show time to evolve. I gave myself time to get comfortable and relax into the format. I gave myself time to get to know my audience and listen to what it was saying. It has been pointed out to me that my first video was ten times better than some people’s hundredth in terms of quality and content. Maybe, but again, quality is subjective; some people are successful despite being complete idiots because the public loves to watch them be idiots. For sure I’m coherent and you can tell I know my shit. That was definitely a good start, but remember, there is no way I could have known that I’d be good on video at the time. If I had sat on my idea of starting a wine show and worried and second-guessed myself, I could have probably found a hundred reasons not to do it. Thank God I didn’t stop to do any of that but went with my gut. YouTube isn’t going to make you charismatic and interesting, but it will expose you if you are.”

Excerpt From: Gary Vaynerchuk. “Crushing It!.” iBooks.

And then….

“Listen to your audience. Ultimately, it all boils down to this: don’t let perfection be your enemy. Do not be another dreamer who puts up ten episodes, gets trolled or ignored, gets discouraged, and takes the channel down. For God’s sake, give yourself a fair chance to succeed.”

BOOM! Please, for all of you out there, listen to these words.

My main man from LETSGETMADETV recently made a video about this.  Don’t let someone come on your channel and start trying to take over.  It’s like those Instagrammers who post “one word” on famous celebs just so someone can click their bio and follow them.

Trolls, which come in herds, will always be out there.  Have I attracted any trolls to my channel? Well, I made a survey last week and I had American trolls giving my ESL podcast bad ratings and left an email that said “”  This is simply an insecure rat trying to gain attention that his parents never gave him.  It’s a shoulder shrug.  They don’t exist and they probably live in the most rural/isolated towns of the world, completely ostricized and shunned out of society because they’re socially inept.

People in present day are still posting on Gary Vee’s channel saying this….

“This guy got all his money from his daddy, and didn’t do any of the stuff he is selling to you. I guess watch the videos for free, but don’t give this guy any of your money.” – Attention Seeker WITH A KID.

Yes, this man has a KID and he unwittingly posts disgraceful comments on social media, completely misrepresenting himself as a father.  If you click on his bio and scroll down, he’s an NRA supporter and shrugs off gun violence in America.

Need I say more?

Don’t get thrown off my faceless human beings who are in complete shambles in their world!

“Every single thing that has ever happened on television can happen on YouTube. You can break out as a pop star. You can be a filmmaker. You can become Billy Mays, the infomercial pitchman. You want to become a morning TV star? Start a morning TV show on YouTube. You want to be the next Dr. Drew? Start a Q&A show. You want to be the next Rachael Ray, Oprah, Tavis Smiley, or Chris Hardwick? Then start cooking, mentoring, interviewing, or talking pop culture on YouTube. Tomorrow.” – Gary Vee


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