TOEIC Listening: Part III – Conversations (Breakdown only)

In this part of the test, you’re going to have to listen to two people discussing something.  The short conversation often goes by very quickly, so if you don’t listen for key words, you’re going to be in trouble.  If you miss the first question, move onto the next question because if you continue glancing at the first question – questions 2, 3 will pass by and you’re lose out on all three instead of just one.

Beware of same word distractors.


Why didn’t George attend the meeting?

A. He was in the Human Resources section.

B. He doesn’t get along with Mr. Stubbs.

C. He had to go to Anaheim.

D. He was in New York.


Man A: Hey, Taylor.  How did the Human Resources meeting go? I couldn’t make it because I was on a visit to the Anaheim office.

Man B. Oh, hi Jake.  You’re lucky you missed it.  There was a disagreement between Mr. Stubbs and the New York team over employee numbers.

Man A: Really? What was the problem?

Mn B: Mr. Stubbs wants to cut back on the sales staff on the East Coast.  Jesus and the NY team were strongly in favor of increasing  staff to increase sales.

C. Continue……

What was the meeting about?

A. A recent disagreement with employees.

B. A proposed trip to the East Coast.

C. Natural resources in the area.

D. Changes in the number of workers.


What happened during the meeting?

A. An increase in the number of bargain sales was reported.

B. A disagreement between staff members took place.

C. An increase in the sales figures was discussed.

D. A winning number was drawn.

Be sure to click the PDF link down below and follow my YouTube video at the same time for an example.

TOEIC- Part Three – Conversations – PDF

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