Gary Vee: YouTube

Oh, yes! Shall I give the story again before we get into the Gary Vee details? Fine.

Yes, this was the video that started EVERYTHING!

So, it goes a little something like this.

Back in 2015, something told me to make a YouTube video.  Not sure what it was, but I think it was an influence from a prior Irish teacher who told me to “utilize all my skills.”  I did.  I paid, also, for some views and tried getting people to notice my vide.  Well, after 100 views later and a couple weeks, I completely forgot about it.

Not only that, but my “boss” told me I couldn’t use this for intents and purposes outside the classroom (and I should’ve quit right there on the spot, too).  I kept it up and forgot about it.

Well, last year I told my students, “hey, I got a couple videos on YouTube!”  My students at Toshiba, a place where the managers were complete d*** heads (excuse my language), told me to put it on the projector.  I did.  I super imposed it before my jaw DROPPED.

Viewership was at 2.5k views for this specific video. Yeah, not much for those millionaire viewers out there, but I was amazed.  I began checking the analytics and saw that Indonesia was the highest on there, followed by USA and dozens of other countries.  I hadn’t had an idea up to that point on how I can check such analytics, either.  That was October last year.

Today, the video above topped 7k views, but since I recorded it a long time ago, I can’t put end screen annotations to attract more of them to my channel (frustrating). Nonetheless, I got serious again making videos.  All of my podcasts get uploaded to the same channel along with other health & wellness videos.  I then began to attach blogs and all links below in the descriptions and downloaded an app to make the thumbnails.

Since then, minutes, countries and everything together have gone up about 400%.

Am I getting paid? Absolutely not. YouTube put up regulations whereas only the top earners can make money while shitting on everyone else.  That’s fair.  I use it as a platform.

“Please, even if you don’t think you’re video material, give the platform a try. So many people don’t think of themselves as cameraworthy, but vlogging and documenting doesn’t demand that you be glamorous or beautiful or really superficially special at all. Have you looked at what’s out there? Aside from the beauty bloggers, the bodybuilders, and the rising pop idols—in other words, aside from everyone in an industry where your looks really matter—everyone on YouTube looks pretty damned ordinary. There are vloggers with disfiguring tumors, vloggers with disabilities, vloggers of all ages and shapes. Vlogging is a terrific way to document instead of create, which means that literally anyone can do it. You don’t need to be accomplished (at least not in the way 99 percent of you reading this define accomplishment) to break out on this platform because, remember, when you’re documenting and not creating, you’re allowed to learn as you go. You don’t have to be an expert (yet). You don’t have to be successful (yet). The only thing you really do have to do is make the road to getting there interesting.”

Excerpt From: Gary Vaynerchuk. “Crushing It!.” iBooks.

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