Arsenio’s ESL Podcast – International Guest Speaker – Fitness Tony of Thailand

Tony, who’s an ultra-athlete, was kind enough to join my podcast and talk about fitness today!  Here are the show notes and the podcast at the bottom.

Getting in touch with Tony Diamond.

Body Transformation Bangkok by Tony Diamond


Things we discussed:


  • How AJ met Tony in a gym.
  • Class trainings for Spartan Race.
  • Equipment for training.
  • What was Tony’s time?
  • How to stay healthy despite your age.
  • Doing activities that you are passionate about like hiking.
  • How did you start in the fitness training business?
  • How did you go full – time with your fitness training business?
  • Diets in Thailand and comparison with Europeans and Americans.
  • Exercising and outdoor lifestyle in Europe compared with Americans.
  • Cultural differences in different countries.
  • Specialisation in weight-loss and health improvement.
  • Main problems for beginners that came to Tony.
  • A beginner’s intention for their fitness purpose. How do they work?
  • Spartan Races and The Beast Race.
  • Trail run and Marathon in Thailand.
  • How Tony recovers.
  • Iron Man in Vietnam.
  • Advantages of extreme sport race.
  • AJ’s favourite events and competitions.
  • The 4 hour endurance race in Thailand at Spartan Race’s website.
  • Ultimate goal of Tony.
  • Tony’s goals.


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