Gary Vee: “Quit Your Bulls*** Job Because You Can Always Get Another One”

Posters comments on Gary Vee’s LinkedIn page.

“I disagree, why I didn’t like my jobs last ten years it don’t fit my needs.  So i quit for another low paying job so on due to lack of skills.  One time it took me two month to get a job.  Yes I was out there 40 hr week looking for a job.  So no cant quit my job which i would love to unless miracle happens.” – Anonymous Poster

I’m not sure if English is this particular individuals native tongue, but you can probably see why it’s so difficult for him to find a job.  No offence.  He said he “lacks skills,” well I would definitely get an academic writing book and giddy up on the skills I don’t have.  I think it’s necessary to write at least decent English as a native speaker.  Sure, Gary Vee is one of those who doesn’t write (and he has admitted it), so he gets someone else to write and he does what he’s amazing at.

I don’t like the excuses, bottomline.  You can see where this particular individuals mindset is.  Low paying job, lack of skills, can’t quit my job….but yet there’s nothing he’s doing about not “having” skills.  It’s like the hard-labor workers who work in slave heat in Dubai (and are from Bangladesh).  It’s like the Cambodians and Burmese who work here in Thailand for 10$ a day (and many people say that they’re actually better workers than most Thai men)…..countries outsource for cheaper labor….got it….but don’t be that person who’s working for the cheap labor.

“What’s a bs job though?”  -Anonymous User

Basically it’s a job where the CEO has billions and you make an hourly wage.  It’s a job that machines will have within 25 years.  Autonomous cars, banking tellers, McDonalds (and ALL fast-food restaurants), and everything you get paid an hourly wage for.  Working is the worst possible way to earn money — period.

“Not sure who this guy is but why would anyone be asking him permission to do anything.

Many people don’t quit their jobs because they have bills to pay.  Some people enjoy their jobs and many people cannot find good jobs that will pay to keep the standard of living they are accustomed to.

People like this think that it is simple to just quit and move on.  Newsflash, there may not be any opportunities or opening.

There are many history major graduates who work as cooks.

So go ahead and quit but if you think you are going to just be able to find exactly what you want at the pay you need at the drop of a hat then you are sadly mistaken.

My explanation of this is in my podcast, because this man needs great help.

“Please if you do see this post know that it’s the message inside about taking barriers out of your life not the title of the post itself that I was interested in.

My current job is not bullshit and I respect myself and employment enough that I wouldn’t post things online that would offend my employer.”

You, sir, have a bullshit job.


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